Sochi, the embankment of the Olympic Park,

Parusnaya street, 7

Парус кафе
Отзывы о нас

"This cafe can in fact be considered a restaurant. Here we have with the beloved in memory "Parus"remained, like a lovely summer restaurant with a luxuriously arranged terrace on the beach!" / Timofey N

"Recently opened a restaurant and the first pleasant impressions! The atmosphere is romantic, met with a smile, the staff tries to do everything at the highest level!" / Denis Z.

"Сosily, atmospheric, excellent view of the mountains,the sea, the beach. Service is good, children are engage in!" / Sergey S.

"Good location, delicious kitchen, wait for the preparedness of dishes is 10-15 minutes, which is quite acceptable. Sincerely I wish prosperity!" / Sergey R.


"The kitchen leaves a very pleasant impression!Be sure to try a warm salad with Eggplant-magic! Prices can not be called very democratic,it's worth it!" / Olga K.

"We walked by and decided to go in for the ice cream.What a delicious barbule! Kitchen Respect, score 5+!Service raiting is great. A fine cafe with pleasant music. I advise everyone!" / Aleksandr B.

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